GERSTELIZE your CombiPal

Martin Perkins

15th January 2013

Until the end of April 2013, we have a great promotional offer on CombiPal-to-MPS upgrades.

This offer enables CombiPal users to get all the benefits of owning a GERSTEL MPS – at a great price.

Why Upgrade?

The GERSTEL Multi-Purpose Sampler (MPS) and the CTC CombiPal look similar; however the MPS is a much more capable instrument. Consider the following:

Many more headspace samples can be run every day. The MPS can work on up to six headspace samples at the same time and has optional 180 or 240 sample capacity. For environmental VOC analysis this means running up to 50% more samples every working day.

A much greater range of sampling techniques supported. In addition to liquid, headspace and SPME auto sampling, the MPS supports many other techniques:

  • Thermal Desorption
  • Dynamic Headspace Sampling
  • Stir Bar Sorptive Extraction
  • Membrane Extraction
  • Solvent Evaporation
  • Solid Phase Extraction (standard and micro-formats)
  • Dispersive SPE
  • Centrifugation
  • Vortex Mixing
  • Weighing
  • Derivatisation
  • and much more

These accessories can be combined and sequenced to enable you to automate all kinds of sample preparation schemes – simple or complex.

Support for custom configurations; the Maestro software is written in a modular form that enables new capabilities to be added all the time. If you need to do something out of the ordinary, it is easy for us to help you.

MAESTRO control software; Maestro integrates, sequences and controls every hardware element in your MPS; giving you the ability to get your system to do exactly what you want it to do. Maestro integrates with many common GC/LC/MS data systems to give a single, easy to use operator interface.

One-stop support; one number to call for help and advice whatever your need, be it hardware, software, method or application. Our specialists work with the MPS all day and every day and have un-matched product knowledge, that is available for you to tap into.

For all of these reasons, we provide upgrade kits that convert CombiPals into Multi-Purpose Samplers.

If you are the manager of a lab that carries out analytical method development, it is important to have the maximum flexibility in sample preparation and automation; sample preparation is where all the work is and is also home to most of the errors too. Automated sample preparation saves time, money and mistakes.

So here is the deal…

  • CTC-MPS upgrade kit, including Maestro software.
  • Planned maintenance check.*
  • Installation and commissioning by a factory trained engineer.
  • One free place on a one-day CTC-MPS workshop in Cambridge, where you can learn how to get the best out of your GERSTEL MPS.
  • Free one-year Anatune Assist support plan for your “new” GERSTEL MPS.

Price: £4,940 + VAT (usual package price £8,237)

This is a great deal that offers you a 40% saving on the normal package price.

This offer runs from now until the end of April 2013.  If you want to take advantage of it please contact us right away, either email, or call us on +44 (0)1223 279210

*Any parts needed will be charged separately.