Most Innovative Company

Martin Perkins

30th April 2018

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Last Thursday evening at the 2018 Business Excellence Forum, for the second year running, Anatune won the BEFA award for Most Innovative Company.

This award is a tough one to win, firstly we were competing with some of the UK’s most successful SME, secondly, because to win, a business has to be able to demonstrate innovation in everything it does.  On top of all this, there also has to be a story to tell, and this year, our story was of our collaboration with Joy Milne and Perdita Barran’s group at the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology on developing a clinical test for Parkinson’s disease.

This award is an important signal, as it shows to the World, that we deliver on the things we stand for: Collaboration, Innovation and Automation.

Particular mention is due to Camilla Liscio, Kathy Ridgway and Phine Banks, who led Anatune’s contribution to the project.

Anatune’s Dr Camilla Liscio with our trophy















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