Labratory Evaluation of ATOMX Purge & Trap System

Martin Perkins

17th December 2010

Teledyne Tekmar ATOMX Purge & Trap System

Teledyne Tekmar ATOMX Purge & Trap System in Anatune's Applications laboratory

I Just thought I’d share with you my recent experience with the Teledyne Tekmar ATOMX.

The Purge and Trap market in the UK has been quiet for some time, with most clients using headspace for VOC analysis due to the sensitivity available on current MSD’s. We do have a number of P&T users but these people are still using some of the previous models of Tekmar Purge & Trap.

We recently came up with an opportunity to evaluate and demo the ATOMX for a new low level requirement. The client wanted calibration and proof of LOD at the bottom calibration level of 0.1ug/L, but with a view to see below this level down to 0.01ug/L if possible.

The ATOMX demo unit arrived, we had the system out of the box and running samples within a couple of hours, it was so easy to set-up and get working.

Next, we set about proving the application and easily achieved the required calibration in the range 0.1 to 20ug/L for water samples. With replicates at 0.2ug/L giving RSD’s under 20% and replicates at 2ug/L giving RSD’s of better than 10%. This was done without any special optimisation, just running the suggested method and a 25ml sample volume. We believe 0.05ug/L to be possible on the set-up for nearly all compounds tested and sub that levelfor most compounds. To go still lower, we added a cryo trap and we were able to reduce LODs still further, although, calibration of some early eluting compounds particularly Bromomethane and Chloromethene (that elute at the same time as water) might prove a bit tricky. That said, not everyone has to analyse for these.

We have carried out several successful customer demonstrations and hope to have at least one order in the coming month.

We realise this is early days, but at this stage the experience has been a good one.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

Either leave a comment here or you can make contact by phone on +44 (0)1954 212909