Join the QQQueue – Collaboration Opportunity

Martin Perkins

8th March 2013

Agilent 7890-7000 GC-Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer in Anatune's Application Laboratory
We now have a GC-triple quad in our application laboratory

We recently reported that we had taken delivery of an Agilent 7000 GC-QQQ in our applications laboratory in Cambridge.

This received a huge amount of interest from a wide range of laboratories, especially since we would be hyphenating this with our sample automation, introduction and preparation techniques from GERSTEL and Entech, thus doing something a bit different than currently out there.

Work is underway to develop a fully automated sample preparation solution for the analysis of NDMA in water, and there are a number of other themes that we have on the list to put the system through its paces.  Whilst talking to our customers, it looks like 2013 may be the year that they get a GC-QQQ in their lab.  We are offering you the chance to collaborate with us if you have a strong requirement for a complete end-to-end automation solution.

Does this interest you?
Would the opportunity to have a complete working system based upon the Agilent GC-QQQ platform that integrates sample preparation with the analyser, to give the best quality data for the least work and the lowest cost for each and every sample run be something you would like to explore?

Would a GC-QQQ give you a competitive edge over your rivals?

Would the chance to work with our Applications Team and the instrumentation at their disposal on your application reduce the risk of introducing a new technology into your lab without the specific support?

What other advantages would this give you?

What do you need to do?
Be available for an initial face-to-face meeting where we can discuss your exact requirements so we are able to develop a solution that matches your needs very closely.

Provide to us some real samples to put the system through its paces.

You would also be contacted from time to time to get your thoughts on the developments throughout the process.   We would be happy to collaborate with you on such a project that allows us to do the leg-work here in the lab while you will reap the benefits such a system will provide.

If this is something that you think we could help you with, please contact us on +44 (0)1223 279210, or email: