Automated IsoTube Analysis with the GERSTEL MPS Sampler

Martin Perkins

12th March 2013

IsoTube MPS Solution

Field collection of natural gas samples at wells or drilling sites combined with analysis by GC-FID/TCD and GC-IRMS is becoming increasingly important in our understanding and regulation of the processes involved.  Specifically, isotopic analysis of gas samples, at regular intervals during the drilling process, greatly improves the understanding of the origin of these gases, and furthermore the success and productivity of the well operation.

Over recent years IsoTubes from IsoTech Laboratories has become the standard in collection media used to obtain these samples, but up until now transfer of the gas sample from the collection vessel to the gas chromatograph has been undertaken in a manual fashion which was both inefficient and time consuming.  The ability to transfer repeatedly consistent volumes of sample to the GC was also proving a challenge.

In a bid to solve this problem, a solution based on the GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler (MPS) has been developed to neatly hyphenate the recovery of gaseous samples from IsoTubes and IsoJars with the introduction into the GC-FID/TCD or GC-IRMS technology.

With a capacity of up to 72 IsoTubes and 32 IsoJars and gas calibration standards this novel solution will be sure to improve the sampling and analysis of what is becoming the standard in natural gas field sampling media.  Inevitably this will go a long way to improve the quality of data produced and as a consequence our understanding of the processes and materials encountered during the ever important excavation of natural gas.

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