Introducing Jon Dunscombe to the Element Team

Martin Perkins

14th February 2017

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Our newest recruit of 2017, we would like to welcome you to Jon Dunscombe, who has joined our ever growing applications team as an Applications Chemist.

Prior to joining Element, Jon worked as an Analytical Chemist at Severn Trent Water.  It was through this work that he gained experience across a multitude of analytical methods in the water industry using SPE, LLE, Derivatisation and Headspace/VOC analysis.

During this time, he also managed the taste and odour department – an area of the water industry that is big news at the moment with geosmin/2-mib detections.

Working at Severn Trent Water, Jon built up experience using GERSTEL equipment – specifically applications using Headspace analysis and ITSP, using the instruments routinely.  It was also during this time that he undertook a team leader position gaining vital skills in management.

The most challenging aspect of working in an analytical laboratory was meeting quick turnaround times whilst ensuring a high level of quality.  The water industry is a demanding environment, requiring ever more samples to be analysed with ever decreasing LODs.

Jon’s background is in chemistry obtaining a 2:1 BSc in chemistry from Cardiff University, getting good experience of mass spectrometry and organic synthesis.  It is these skills that have been applied later in his career.

Jon is a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry, holds registered scientist (RSci) status and is currently working towards chartered status.