First Rate Support Doesn’t Have to Cost the Earth!

Martin Perkins

9th February 2017

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To provide first class customer support, Anatune invests in its engineers.

We take every training opportunity that is offered to us and all of our support staff are registered with Agilent, GERSTEL, Syft Technologies and Teledyne Tekmar as certified engineers.

Which means that when an Anatune engineer attends your site, he is trained to the highest standards, with the most update information and backed by the resources of the original manufacturer – should he need additional help.  We get things fixed faster!

Being manufactured registered allows us access to the latest support information and OEM spares, meaning we are aware of any recent problems identified by the manufacturer and most importantly… how to correct them.

Your warranty is safe with us because our engineers are certified by the original manufacture; if there is a fault with your new instrument during the warranty period and Anatune repairs it, your manufacturer’s warranty is still valid.

We also have a significant spares stock.  We manage our stock using the latest stock control and logistics to be sure that we get parts where they need to be when they are needed.

The great thing is that, when we commit to doing things properly, this saves you money!

We measure our performance and we work hard to become increasingly efficient.  More efficient means that you get problems fixed faster; it also means that we waste less time – and time is money.

We know that there are companies that offer bargain basement support, but we also know that they don’t invest in their business and people like we do.

Has your repair taken longer than it should have?  Has your warranty been affected after a repair? Have you ever been told by the engineer ‘we are waiting for parts’?  Has your instrument been down for weeks on end?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we are up for the challenge.  We have the flexibility to match your current support profile, and the investment to give you truly excellent support… we have the data (and the certificates) to prove it!

If you want to know more about how our service contracts can help you be more productive, please call us on +(0) 1223 279210, or email us.