Identifying Aldehydes, Ketones via Automated Desorption

Martin Perkins

26th April 2016

Acetaldehyde, Aldehydes, Automated Desorption, Carcinogens, DNPH, Formaldehyde, HPLC, Ketones, Organic Solvents, Susan Roach,

There are many methods for identifying ketones and aldehydes in building and other materials.

Whilst formaldehyde is used for producing particle boards, plywood and other glued woods, acetaldehyde and ketones are used as organic solvents to produce many products, including indoor building materials.

Volatile aldehydes and ketones are also known carcinogens and can cause health problems.

In this month’s GERSTEL Insights, you can see how a team of GERSTEL scientists have developed a simple procedure to fully automate the identification process from desorption of bound DNPH analytes through HPLC separation and analysis.

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