Future Focus: Agilent Technologies’ Bryan White Joins Us


26th July 2022

9 Weeks Until Our Future Focus Event 

We are delighted to have our long-standing partner Agilent Technologies contributing to the Future Focus event. Bryan White joins us to talk about greenness and sustainability in analytical chemistry. Specifically, Bryan will be presenting work on strategies to mitigate for rising helium gas costs.

Anatune has been a value-added partner of Agilent Technologies for nearly a quarter of a century now. The beginning of the relationship marked a significant step change in our business as it allowed us to offer our customers complete analytical solutions relying on hyphenated techniques based upon Agilent’s market leading product line.

As a value-added reseller, we can provide you and all our customers with complete analytical packages, tailored to your specific needs. These include method development, automation of sample preparation, data processing (including chemometrics), staff training, commissioning and full support packages that cover both hardware and the customer’s application.

We are often asked to come up with ways of solving your fresh challenges – to boldly go where no analytical scientist has gone before. These involve our close co-operation with customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders to create solution that often offer significant societal benefits.

Here are a couple of solutions you might find interesting and useful for your lab:

On-line, real-time analysis for micro-pollutants in drinking water

Traditionally, samples are taken from around the drinking water supply system and taken to a central laboratory for analysis. Mostly, this way of working is effective in controlling the quality of our drinking water – however, there are cases where samples need to be collected and analysed immediately to give the information needed to control parts of the process.

Anatune builds systems that are plumbed into the supply network, take samples, prepare the samples for analysis, carry-out measurements using the latest high-spec Agilent GC-MS or LC-MS technology, apply appropriate data quality criteria, then transmit the data to the plant’s process control system. All of this done automatically, with accurate results generated in double-quick time.

Automated analysis of vitamin D isomers in blood serum

The importance of adequate levels of Vitamin D to human health is becoming more widely appreciated and as many people suffer from vitamin D deficiency, there is a need to measure the two isomers of vitamin D by Agilent LC-MS with automated preparation of blood serum samples. Anatune can supply complete solutions, enabling laboratories to pay for advanced instrumentation as it generates revenue for them.

Future Focus:

Long-time readers will have heard us talk about the ‘tipping point’ of laboratory automation. In short, thanks to the instrument sensitivity pioneered by Agilent, the volume of sample needed for effective analysis is greatly reduced. This in turn means the majority of sample preparation can be miniaturised and automated, paving the way for widespread adoption. Imagine the cumulative benefits to our industry and where it might lead.

It will certainly become greener with the millions of litres of solvent and gigawatts of energy saved. 

But as exciting are the analytical innovations afforded by the time and brain power talented scientists will be able to commit to data analysis and method development. Instead of weighing out powders or shaking vials by hand.

We don’t know what the future holds but we’re confident this partnership has done its fair share in making it possible.

If you’re interested in where the future of analytical chemistry lies. This event is not to be missed.

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