Fully Automated GC/MS Determination of Amino Acids

Martin Perkins

13th January 2012

Wow! How did we miss this one?

Dr. Katja Dettmer of the University of Regensburg, Institute of Functional Genomics wrote this article in issue 10 of GERSTEL’s Solutions magazine on research work she has done on the automated sample prep and analysis amino-acids by GC/MS.

The significance is contained in Dr. Dettmer’s own words:

Biological samples like urine, cell cultures, cell extracts, and plasma can be analyzed easily and reliably with our method. The determination of amino acid concentrations in body fluids in order to diagnose congenital metabolic disorders, such as the ones listed earlier, is just one of the possible applications. The determination of amino acids plays a particularly important role not only in clinical diagnostics but also in food analysis.

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