Dynamic Headspace and Olfactory Detection: Two days in the company of experts

Martin Perkins

15th March 2019

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Dynamic Headspace and Olfactory Detection: Two days in the company of experts

Does your lab use dynamic headspace or Olfactory Detection Port (ODP or GC-O)? Do you feel as though you don’t get the most out of these techniques? Well, in exchange for two days of your time, we’ll show you the full potential they hold to give you the answers you need, helping you turn your good systems into great ones.

When you consider the time and trouble these systems can save you in your own lab, two days spent in ours will seem a more than worthwhile investment, (particularly when you factor in the eating and drinking you’ll do while you learn).

Experts Jens Glastrup of MSCI and Thomas Albinus of GERSTEL are flying in to discuss the techniques in depth and give you a look at the GERSTEL ODP software being launched at Pittcon this year. As well as taking the best ODP software on the market to another level, they’ll be sticking around to field any questions you may have.

Thomas has been a member of the GERSTEL R&D set up for many years and has personally been developing the GERSTEL ODP and Aroma-office software. A full post on his material will follow this one.

Jens has been using and developing dynamic headspace capability alongside the engineers at GERSTEL for many years and is a keen advocate of the system. Jens heads up MSCI, Anatune’s Danish counterparts and long time collaborators. A detailed run down of his section will be available in the coming days.

While the presentations will be enlightening and worthwhile on their own, the chance to sit and talk about your ODP and DHS problems could be invaluable with these two experts. It may give you the breakthroughs or improvements in your own workflows when you return from this workshop.

Alongside Jens and Thomas, we have confirmed Tanya Curtis, Neil Owen and Andrew Feilden who will each bring their own unique perspective on food analysis. Our own team of experienced applications chemists will discuss how ODP and DHS have been used to find and identify taints and malodours in raw materials, products, flavours and fragrances as well as providing an overview of other techniques.

Click here to see the full agenda.

Regardless of the kit you already have, if you are interested in these techniques you’ll walk out with the knowledge of what these systems can do when they are optimised and what they can offer you in the future.

Not bad for two days of your time.

The cost of the workshop is £120 + VAT per person, which is inclusive of food, refreshments and all course material provided. We are holding the 2-day event at the Hotel Felix in Cambridge, and practical demonstrations will be shown from our lab in Girton, along with a lab tour.

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