Congratulations to Affinity Water!

Martin Perkins

7th November 2017

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On the 2nd of November, the Institute of Chemical Engineers held their 2017 Global Awards in Birmingham.

Affinity Water came second in the Water Category, winning recognition for their automated Metaldehyde treatment process.

This project was a collaboration between Affinity Water, Anatune and JR Pridham Services Ltd; Affinity Water kindly invited representatives of all involved to the event.

The key innovation was to integrate fully automated laboratory grade instrumentation into the treatment process and for the first time, generate high quality data fast enough for it to be used to control the treatment process.

This means that Affinity Water can deliver drinking water of the highest quality, while making the most efficient use of the treatment process – reducing costs and minimising the plants’ environmental footprint.

Jeff Stubbs (third from the left in the photograph) is Anatune’s Water Industry Specialist:

‘In the past, process measurements have been fairly basic. To generate high quality data, samples have had to be sent away to an analytical laboratory equipped with high performance instruments, but with this comes a serious time penalty.

What Affinity have done challenges this orthodoxy and working together, we have shown that lab-grade instruments can be used on the plant, to generate data of the highest quality and fast enough for it to be used to control the process.  The industry regards this as a game-changing innovation’.

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