Bristol 2016 – The Best Agilent Meeting Ever?

Martin Perkins

27th January 2016

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I have attended many Agilent events over the years and they are always worth attending.

The priority given to presentations given by users ensures that the technical content is sound, varied and relevant and this meeting is a great opportunity for everyone active in the analysis of water, soils and food to get together, and swap experience and ideas late into the evening.

Last weeks’ meeting in Bristol was, for my money, the best yet.  The organisation was faultless, the content impressive and the event had a real buzz about it.

Special thanks are due, from Anatune to Agilent for inviting us to participate and to John Quick of ALS, Gavin Mills of STL and James Addison of Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition for great talks showcasing our products and applications development work.  These guys are real pros and are always a pleasure to work with.

We learned a few things:

  • A lot of analysts want to automate liquid-liquid extraction for non-polars
  • High Resolution Accurate Mass GC-MS combined with an odour port really does improve the way that taste and odour issues can be tackled.

Its good to have our feelings about these issues confirmed so emphatically.

We chose to formally launch our CF200 Centrifuge at the meeting and this was outstandingly successful.  Not only did we stimulate a lot of interest in the product, talking to people, we also picked up some great new ideas that hadn’t previously been thought of.

If you are dealing with messy samples, being able to spin down solids of any kind, automatically, will make the CF200 a real asset.

Sean O’Connor, who is the Account Manager for the South East and Ireland, presented at the workshops on the Thursday morning.  You can download a copy of his presentation here: ‘Automation of Sample Preparation using a GERSTEL MPS2’.

If, upon reflection, you have anything you would like to discuss further with the Anatune team, please call us on +44 (0)1223 279210, or email