Automated Tedlar Bag Sampling using SIFT-MS

Martin Perkins

25th February 2016

Aldehydes, Ambient Air, Mark Perkins, MPS, MultiPurpose Sampler, Selected Ion Flow Tube Mass Spectrometry, SIFT-MS, Tedlar Bag, Toxic Industrial Chemicals, Volatile Organic Compounds,

Tedlar bags are a convenient and cost-effective option for sampling volatile organic compounds, for example, toxic industrial chemicals (TICs) in ambient air.  However, the contents need to be analysed quickly, as residence time in the bag is short – typically less than 24 hours.  The ability to analyse quickly is, therefore, vital.  In addition, automating the entire process should significantly increase your sample throughput.

Here at Anatune, we have recently coupled a GERSTEL Multipurpose Sampler to our SIFT-MS, realising the benefits of both systems.  SIFT-MS – selective, sensitive and fast; GERSTEL MPS – flexible and efficient automation.

This video shows the system in action, sampling a range of small aldehydes quickly and easily.  Clearly, the ability to test 100s of bags per day is now an option…

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