Automated Sample Prep Introduced to Pharmaceutical Conference

Martin Perkins

19th November 2015

Automated Sample Preparation, Chromatographic Society, ChromSoc, GC-MS, Meeting, Multi-Volatile Method, MVM, Omics Extraction, Sean O'Connor,

On 9th and 10th November 2015, Anatune visited the Chromatographic Society meeting on Analytical Challenges and Solutions for Difficult Pharmaceutical Molecules set on the GSK site in Ware.

We were welcomed to give our talk on Use of Automated Sample Preparation Techniques for Challenging Sample by GC-MS.  The talk was highlighting the advantages of the automation of simple laboratory tasks, which not only saves time but also due to the reduction in solvent volume, were cheaper and safer.

We then went on to talk about the reproducibility and reliability of complex automated sample preparation for data to be used in ‘omic’ studies and introduced our dynamic headspace and multivolatile method to a new audience, who received the information well and had many questions as to how these could be implemented in their laboratories.

If you would like a copy of the presentation you can download this here.

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