Rapid Residual Solvent Analysis: Validation of an Alternative Procedure for USP Method <467> Using SIFT-MS


10th March 2023

Selected Ion Flow Tube Mass Spectrometry (SIFT-MS) is a real-time, volatiles analyser, that uses soft chemical ionisation to separate complex mixtures, without the need for chromatography. No chromatography equals fast measurement – several seconds is all that is required to quantify relatively complex mixtures. Now it is possible to utilise the efficiencies of the MPSr autosampler, when coupled to the SIFT-MS to analyse samples every couple of minutes. Therefore, automated SIFT-MS offers an alternative approach to GC-FID, by providing sample throughputs 10 – 15 times faster.

To demonstrate this, we have used our automated SIFT-MS to validate an alternative procedure for USP method <467> and shown that it is possible to achieve the required performance characteristics as the GC-FID method. Indeed, automated headspace SIFT-MS is not limited to method <467>, any complex, volatile mixture can be analysed, in the same timeframe.


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