Thermal Desorption (TD)-SIFT-MS: A New Approach to Breath Analysis

Martin Perkins

17th December 2019

In early 2019, Syft Technologies introduced thermal desorption (TD)-SIFT-MS, through integration of GERSTEL’s TDU system with their Voice200ultra SIFT-MS. One area where this novel technique may be significantly beneficial is in automating breath analysis. By trapping breath analytes onto thermal desorption tubes, lower detection limits can be achieved as well as allowing for easy storage and transportation. The limitation to this approach is the relatively long analysis time for TD-GC-MS. With TD-SIFT-MS total analysis times can be reduced to less than five minutes per TD tube. This application note demonstrates the ease of analysis for TD-SIFT-MS by showing data obtained, live, on an instrument at the IABR 2019 Breath Summit conference at Loughborough University for menthol obtained from a mint sweet.


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