Rapid Determination of Volatile Compound Content Using Multiple Headspace Extraction-SIFT-MS

Martin Perkins

20th February 2019

Pharmaceutical and food products are susceptible to contamination from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) present in packaging, hence it is critical to evaluate each material on a regular basis. Multiple headspace extraction (MHE) can determine absolute concentrations of VOCs in solid matrices. However, it is very costly especially when coupled with GC-MS. This study evaluated MHE-Selected Ion Flow Tube Mass Spectrometry (MHE-SIFT-MS) for the measurement of VOCs in paperboard. MHE-SIFT-MS provided several benefits over traditional approaches. Not only did it generate a four-fold increase in sample throughput, but it also broadened the range of compounds detectable in a single analysis. Polar species such as small aldehydes were detected and quantified without any need for derivatisation or pre-concentration.


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