Automated Weighing Option: Proving the Accuracy of Automated Sample Prep

Martin Perkins

20th May 2020

Many aspects of sample preparation are subject to variability and uncertainty, often leading to inaccurate and imprecise results.

One of the most attractive advantages of using automated sample preparation is its capability to greatly reduce variability by methodically controlling all experimental variables involved such as timing, temperatures, and speeds (e.g. in mixing, centrifuging and liquid handling).

There is, though an additional and very powerful way to add this accuracy and precision to your automated sample preparation: a gravimetric approach.

Gravimetric sample preparation involves the weighing of solids and liquids involved in the analytical workflow into a vial on a balance.

This application note showcases the capability of the weighing option and, proves performances in terms of accuracy and precision for automated sample preparation, focusing specifically on liquid handling.

It details not only the advances in accuracy but explains the practical benefits of automating the data input into simple CSV format, saving you even more time and improving sample traceability.


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