Anatune Delivers a Complete Solution for Intertek for Residual Solvent Analysis

Martin Perkins

13th October 2017

Accurate Mass GC-MS, Agilent 7200 GC/Q-TOF, Compounding World, Dynamic Headspace, High Resolution, Intertek, MPS, MultiPurpose Sampler, NIAS, Thermal Desorption, Thermal Extraction,

I have just been made aware of a really interesting article in Octobers edition of Compounding World Magazine and wanted to share it with you.  It offers a glimpse into the world of materials testing, focussed on Intertek.

Intertek boasts a diverse range of materials testing (and beyond) services across the globe and are at the forefront of the industry with their approach to innovative and flexible solutions that meet the needs of their customers. Data quality and reliability are put firmly first here, but as new innovative materials and products reach market, the need to quickly adapt to new challenges to be able to test these becomes ever more important.

One of the case studies in the article discusses the use of High Resolution Accurate Mass GC-Mass Spectrometry to solve complex analytical problems such as Non-Intentionally Added Substances (NIAS).  The Anatune solution that was provided to the Wilton team, comprising of an Agilent 7200 GC-Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer, coupled with a GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler gave increased on-site capability, coupled with reliability and flexibility.

I remember when discussions around the purchase of the system were going on a couple of years ago, and the main must-haves centred around being able to deliver what their customers wanted:

  • Data Quality
  • Reliability
  • Method Robustness
  • Flexibility

The system we ended up providing came not only with EI and CI Accurate Mass capability, but also allowed a huge range of sample preparation options to be easily selected, including:

  • Static and Dynamic Headspace
  • Large Volume Injection
  • Thermal Desorption
  • Thermal Extraction

It’s always great to hear how the solutions that Anatune are providing are really making a difference to an organisations business, and how these help their own customers. Well done Team Wilton!!

You can see the whole article here.

If you are interested in how Anatune can help you with innovative new solutions for GC or LC Mass Spectrometry, then please get in touch.