Advances in the Chemical Analysis of Food – 17/06/2022


9th May 2022

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Analytical chemistry is vital to the food industry, the UKs biggest manufacturing sector, ensuring food is safe, authentic, nutritious and enjoyable.

Advances in the Chemical Analysis of Food, to be held on Friday 17th June 2022 at Burlington House, London, is an extremely important industry event for all those looking to stay at the cutting-edge of food analysis.

Jointly organised by the RSC Separation Science Group and Food Group, the event will explore the relationship of  analytical chemistry and food with a focus upon recent advancements in methodology and technology.

And Anatune will be there! Our very own Dr Kathy Ridgway will be speaking about how automation has transformed sample preparation in the food analysis sector. Alongside Kathy, there will be a very exciting programme of diverse speakers with talks including:

  • Down to Earth: translating knowledge gained from planetary exploration into the chemical analysis of food – Dr Geraint (Taff) Morgan (The Open University)
  • What have the “robots” ever done for us: new approaches in automation of sample preparation – Dr Kathy Ridgway (Anatune)
  • From sweets, biscuits to chilli: my analytical journey in Flavour Science – Dr Nicole Yang (The University of Nottingham)
  • Battle of the brands: Using GC×GC–TOF MS to compare the VOC profiles of soft drinks – Dr Laura McGregor (Sepsolve)
  • Using Two Dimensional Gas Chromatography in the Analysis of Complex matrices – Paul O’Nion (RSSL)
  • Robust and reproducible chromatographic analysis of amino acids using a dedicated analyser – Dr Helen Poole (Avantor)
  • The Wonder of Hop- delivering sustainable, natural flavour impact to beer – Totally Natural Solutions.


So whether you are interested in automated sample preparation for food analysis, sustainable brewing, or anything in between, this is an event not to be missed.

A poster session will also provide plenty of network opportunities and friendly discussion so register today for a fabulous day of Separation Science, Food Chemistry and Beer Tasting!

The final event programme will be published very soon but please click HERE for registration and to submit your Poster abstracts, or CONTACT US for more information.

See you there!