A Year Down the Line: Life as an Application Chemist

Martin Perkins

14th March 2017

Analytical, Application, Automation, Camilla Liscio, Chemist, Demo Lab, Sample Preparation,

January 4th, 2016… that’s when my life as an Application Chemist here at Anatune began.

Thing is, instrumental analytical chemistry has always been my passion… some people like cars, some other like books… I like machines.

I’d say that this has been quite a fortunate accident so far considering I’ve been working with machines since I’ve graduated!

You can imagine my reaction when I first walked into Anatune’s Demo Lab… loads of machines!!

Excitement grew even further when I realised that my job as an Application Chemist would have implied using all those machines, deepening my knowledge about them, optimising their performances to deliver innovative solutions to customers’ diverse and intriguing analytical challenges.

As an analytical chemist, I couldn’t help appreciating the potential and appeal of sample prep automation.  Automation not only offers consistency and reproducibility which are hard to achieve manually, but also release a significant chunk of time for data analysis and we all know how important that is.

The more I learnt about automated sample prep the more I found myself driven towards the development of complex solutions encompassing the widest range of modules to allow automation of most analytical sample preparation workflows.  A lab on a rail is now my mantra!  So many stimulating applications in very diverse fields: metabolomics, forensics, environment, pharma… an ocean of opportunities.

And here I am, a year down the line… so much learnt and so much still to unveil… can only be grateful for the chance to work with such a great team, great customers and obviously, great machines!