A Useful Trick for Extracting Analytes of Different Polarities

Martin Perkins

31st July 2015

Analytes, Extracting, Ray Perkins, Stir Bar Sorptive Extraction, Twister,

When designing an extraction process, if your target analytes exhibit a range of polarities, this can often lead you down the path towards a complex and lengthy sample preparation scheme.

In effect you have to extract the sample twice and somehow either recombine the extracts prior to injection, or analyse the extracts separately and then recombine the data.

Either way of working is inconvenient to say the least.

Follow this link to see a new and rather neat way of tackling this problem.

Could anything be simpler than that?

Using two Twister stir bars at the same time can help with other extraction problems too:

Imagine that you want to perform a simultaneous extraction from a liquid phase and the headspace above it. Twicester would work for that.

Perhaps you need a bit more sensitivity? Extracting your sample with two stir bars at the same time might well help.

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