A Picture Really is Worth a Thousand Words!

Martin Perkins

21st September 2016

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When we perform your next instrument install or upgrade, we will probably ask permission to take a photo of it once it is ready for use.


The answer is that the GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler is incredibly flexible in the range of automation tasks it can handle and in how it can be configured.  As a result, virtually every system we install is different.

It is essential that we keep very complete records of the instruments you have, because if you contact us with a support request, we need to have the instrument’s full configuration to hand if we are to serve you efficiently.

Recently, we had an occasion when, our records didn’t capture the precise arrangement of accessories on the MPS rail and the quality of the advice we offered was compromised as a result.

We make a point of learning from our mistakes and the obvious way to avoid the problem in the future is to take a quick photo of each complete installation and add this to our records.  Then, when we receive a support request from you, we can help with reference to a picture of your system (this works even better if you name your instruments).

While we understand that not all organisations can allow us to use cameras in their labs (which is why we will always ask your permission first); where we can take a photo of the instrument, then on occasion, it can be really useful.

If you wish to discuss this further, please do not hesitate to contact us.