A History of European Mass Spectrometry

Martin Perkins

16th November 2016

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We have managed to obtain 2 copies of a book ‘A History of European Mass Spectrometry’ which we would like to give away.

The advent of commercial mass spectrometers in Europe just over 60 years ago heralded a rapid expansion in instrumental developments and applications of the technique in which European scientists played an important role.

In this book, a number of prominent European mass spectrometrists present their own surveys of the contributions made by colleagues in various branches of the subject.

Several have included personal reminiscences of how particular developments came about and these complement more formal accounts in the scientific literature.

If you would like a copy, please email me at enquiries@anatune.co.uk, with ‘A History of European MS’ in the subject line.  We will pick 2 names out at random who will get a copy of the book.