A Fresh Approach to Sample Evaporation

Martin Perkins

12th July 2012

GERSTEL mVap Automated Sample Evaporation

GERSTEL mVap Automated Sample Evaporation

I am pleased to say that this week we launch the GERSTEL mVap for sale in the UK.

mVap is an accessory that provides a sample evaporation and concentration capability for the GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler (MPS).

Now, if you need to concentrate samples as part of your sample preparation method, you can do this in an automated fashion, using the MPS.

This means that you can evaporate large batches of samples and inject the concentrated samples into your GC or LC, without the need for operator intervention.

What is more, the liquid handling capabilities of the MPS means that you can automate solvent exchange procedures as well, for LC-MS applications.

In many cases, mVap will provide the final link in the chain of automation that starts with liquid-liquid or solid phase extraction and enables complete end-to-end sample processing and analysis. The end result will be better quality results and a large reduction in the amount of work needed to run batches of samples.

You can read more about mVap here on the GERSTEL website.

If you would like to explore the potential of mVap to improve the way you work, we have an mVap installed in our Cambridge laboratory and we would be pleased to show you how it works.