Win 2 Days on our MultiFlex GCqTOF

Martin Perkins

3rd April 2014

The Agilent 7200 is a high resolution, accurate mass GC-Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer.

It is also the most powerful GC-MS system available right now, and this is your chance to win 2 days working on our 7200 system running your own samples, with guidance from our experienced applications team.

Compared to your existing bench-top GC-MS, the GCqTOF offers you much better resolving power and greater capability for the structural elucidation of unknown compounds.

In addition to free access to our instrument in our Cambridge laboratory, we will throw in one-night’s hotel accommodation free of charge.

Your entry must be with us before 5:00pm on Thursday 17th April 2014. We will draw the winning entry out of the hat and if you are successful, we will notify you by email or telephone within a few days.

To enter this competition, simply email us on with “GCqTOF competition” in the subject line, and explain what you would like to achieve from your 2 days if successful.