How you can Benefit from Anatune’s Application Laboratory

Martin Perkins

2nd July 2010

We can help you with the sample preparation puzzleAs technical director at Anatune my remit is to keep a watchful eye on the needs and wants of analytical laboratories throughout the UK and beyond.

At Anatune we have a great deal of experience in chromatographic techniques and sample preparation, and have lots of different tools available too…. It’s just a matter of using our experience to assemble the tools in the correct configuration to solve a given problem.

If we don’t have the correct tools already in house, then there’s always a chance we will know someone who can help us come up with the answers. Of course we can’t solve every problem that comes our way, but I like a challenge and if I can’t help, I’ll be more than happy to try to point you in the right direction.

If you check back from time to time Paul, Ray and me will start to talk about some solutions that we can already offer along with new techniques or products that we are starting to develop. Any encouragement will be welcomed.

If you have a problem or think you might be missing a trick, I’d like to try to help you figure out a better way. Why not leave me a blog entry, give me a call on 01954 212909 or email