Watch a Dual-Head GERSTEL MPS in Action

Martin Perkins

13th February 2013

The dual head configuration permits more complete automation of chromatography sample preparation.
Dual-head GERSTEL Multi-Purpose Sampler

Here is a link to a video of a Dual Headed GERSTEL MPS.

If you are running a busy analytical laboratory, the chances are that you find yourself expected to do more work, with the same number (or fewer) staff and sample preparation can take-up a huge slice of the time you have available.

Automating these routine tasks can help you get more done – with the added bonus that machines can do routine, repetitive tasks more consistently than the most diligent human ever can.

Data quality is always better if you automate your sample preparation.

The extra flexibility that a dual head arrangement offers, lets sample preparation sequences be mimicked more completely and with fewer compromises. For example, the combination of a heated headspace syringe in one head and a cold syringe for liquid handling in the other, permits greater automation of headspace applications – providing for autospiking of standards and surrogates, for example.

With the dual head system, both syringes are in place and ready for use at all times. This means that there is no interruption in the automation sequence, due to the need to interchange syringes and, where heated syringes are involved, there is no additional time lost waiting to heat, cool and stabilise syringe to temperature – plus, minimising the number of heating and cooling cycles, heated syringes are subjected to makes them last much longer.

The dual head MPS gives the ability, in many cases, to do an even better job of automating your chromatography sample preparation, than was possible before. Here is an example of how a dual head MPS has been used to automate an LC application.

Anatune can work with you to plan the most appropriate automation scheme, test the concept in our laboratory and get to a point where you understand both the savings and improvements that are possible – before you need to make a decision to proceed.

Once you have placed your order, we build and program the system, train you in its use and support both the hardware and your application.

You can watch a video of the dual-headed version of the GERSTEL MPS in action.

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