Three peer reviewed papers for SIFT-MS environmental analysis


13th March 2024

Selected Ion Flow Tube Mass Spectrometry (SIFT-MS) is a real-time, gas phase analyser that uses soft chemical ionization (CI) to rapidly quantify volatile organic compounds (VOCs) down to part-per-trillion concentrations (by volume, pptV) for multiple analytes. A schematic of the SIFT-MS technique is shown below.

Key features of SIFT-MS include –

  1. Real-time Analysis: SIFT-MS provides instantaneous results, allowing for the continuous monitoring of air quality and emissions, crucial for understanding dynamic environmental processes.
  2. Wide Analytical Scope: With the ability to detect a broad range of compounds simultaneously, SIFT-MS is well-suited for comprehensive environmental analysis, including monitoring pollutants, identifying emission sources, and studying atmospheric chemistry.
  3. Sensitivity and Selectivity: The technique offers exceptional sensitivity and selectivity, enabling the detection of compounds at low concentrations and the differentiation of isomeric species, contributing to accurate and reliable results.
  4. Quantitative Capability: SIFT-MS allows for the quantitative measurement of multiple compounds without the need for individual calibration curves, streamlining the analytical process and reducing complexity.

Due to the benefits described above, SIFT-MS has been used in a wide variety of environmental applications including emissions testing, air quality monitoring – both indoor and ambient, material analysis and wider environmental research. Additionally, the robust nature of the instrumentation makes it readily deployable in mobile applications.

To demonstrate the broad range of possibilities, the following peer-reviewed articles (available from Syft Technologies) offer an interesting and informative insight into environmental analysis using SIFT-MS and would be a good place to start your SIFT-MS journey!


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