Things you can do with a MultiFlex (No.1)

Martin Perkins

11th October 2013

The GERSTEL MultiFlex is a sample introduction and automation system for GC and GC-MS that is configured to offer the widest possible range of sample handling and sample introduction options.

It was originally conceived to compliment the Agilent GC-qTOF, on the basis that anyone buying this powerful instrument, would in all probability end up running a wide range of tricky samples, and the more sample preparation and introduction options available, the easier their life will be.

In reality, the MultiFlex is useful to anyone performing GC-MS who has to deal with a widely varying workload.

The MultiFlex comprises:

  • A GERSTEL CIS4 PTV injector that can be used for standard and large volume injection. It can also be operated as a cold-trap to focus analytes from a range of upstream sampling techniques.
  • GERSTEL TDU that installs on top of the CIS4 and can be used for both thermal desorption and thermal extraction.
  • A GERSTEL Dual Head MPS, where one syringe head can be used for the injection of samples and the other (fitted with a larger capacity syringe) can be used to automate liquid handling functions (such as the addition of standards, sample dilutions etc.).
  • GERSTEL Maestro control software, that enables all of the different modes to be programmed and also integrates the control of the sampling system seamlessly with the software that controls your GC-MS.

That’s what the MultiFlex is; so what does the MultiFlex do?

In summary, it gives you:

  • A wide range of different sampling techniques for volatile organics
  • A wide range of options for semi-volatiles, including useful ways of working with high-matrix samples
  • Capabilities for automating sample preparation (sample dilution, addition of standards etc.).

To answer that question in detail and to do the instrument justice, I will need more space than I have in this blog-post, so this will be the first post in a series devoted to explaining all of the options the MultiFlex provides.

Watch this space…

Coming next: large volume liquid injection with the GERSTEL MultiFlex

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