Syft Technologies User Day 2022


29th March 2022

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Our partners at Syft Technologies will once again be running their hugely valuable European User Day in 2022. The European User Days are the perfect opportunity to engage with Syft’s team of experts and product specialists to maximise analytical success. This year, there will be a fantastic mix of presentations from both users as well as the Syft Technologies Team. Two of these presentations will focus on automated SIFT-MS analysis using Syft Technologies’ SIFT-MS and GERSTEL systems and will be given by Anatune’s very own Mark Perkins.

Mark is Anatune’s expert on automated SIFt-MS analysis and the presentations are not to be missed by any analyst aiming to transform the speed and efficiency of their analysis.

The 2022 Syft European User Days will be held on the 12th & 13th May 2022 in Darmstadt, Germany, and will be accessible online to ensure as many people as possible can benefit from the sessions. 

See the full agenda below:


Full Syft Technologies 2022 European User Days Itinerary:

Thursday 12th May 2022:

  • News of the Syft R&D Team – Caleb Allpress, Syft Technologies Germany
  • Revealing secrets of ancient Egyptian artefacts using SIFT-MS – Ilaria Degano, Jacopo La Nasa, Univ Pisa, Italy
  • Residual solvents: USP467 and other applications – Mark Perkins, Anatune, UK
  • Monitoring vehicle-by-vehicle exhaust emissions using a roadside SIFT-MS instrument – Rebecca Wagner, Univ York, UK
  • Potential for rapid polymer screening of virgin and recycled plastic materials – Vaughan Langford, Syft Technologies, NZ
  • Why SIFT-MS has potential as a practical clinical tool – George Hanna, Imperial College London, UK
  • Emissions of volatiles from cleaning products and implications for indoor air quality – Ellen Harding-Smith, Univ York, UK
  • Tips and tricks for automated analysis using Gerstel Maestro integration – Mark Perkins, Anatune, UK.


Friday 13th May 2022:

  • Using TD-SIFT-MS for epilepsy research – Ilaria Belluomo, Imperial College London, UK
  • Progress towards ISO 14687 for SIFT-MS Analysis of Hydrogen Fuel – Thomas Bacquart, NPL, London
  • Using SIFT-MS to monitor odour mitigation and fragrance release – Mark Perkins, Anatune, UK
  • Emerging continuous manufacturing applications for the pharmaceutical industry – Sara Ottoboni, Ecaterina Bordos, CMAC, UK
  • Tips and tricks: Quality assuring your SIFT-MS data – Vaughan Langford, Syft Technologies, NZ
  • Air to go – canister analysis for ethylene oxide and new discriminative ion – Benedikt Thomas, IFA, Germany
  • Recent and novel applications from the German demo lab – Ann-Sophie Lehnert, Syft Technologies Germany
  • Lab Training Session at the HUB 31 – Christopher Pfaff, Ann-Sophie Lehnert.


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