Six-part Automated SIFT-MS Webinar Series Now On Demand

Martin Perkins

2nd June 2020

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Automated SIFT-MS Webinar & Application Note: Automated SIFT-MS is a highly effective way of analysing a wide range of volatile organic compounds, from formaldehyde to sesquiterpenes and siloxanes, that can be found in a variety of different matrices including water, soil, pharmaceuticals and polymers.

Efficient, high throughput methods can be run using the combination of GERSTEL’s MPS Robotic autosamplers and Syft Technologies’ SIFT-MS.

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To enable current, new and prospective users to benefit from the knowledge gathered at Anatune, a series of six webinars were run in March and April covering all aspects of Automated SIFT-MS.

In the accompanying Application Note, we discuss the basics of static headspace analysis when applied to automated SIFT-MS. The automated SIFT-MS Application Note covers all the significant parameters that may affect results. This offers the reader a good starting point to further develop methods applicable to their analysis.


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