The problem with recycled plastics – a discussion with Unilever and Anatune

Martin Perkins

31st March 2020

GC/Q-TOF, Jamie Minaeian, Malodours, Phine Banks, Plastics, Recycled, Selected Ion Flow Mass Spectometer, SIFT-MS, Webinar,

plastic, recycled plastics


Single use plastics have been a major point for a number of years. However, many people aren’t aware of the bewildering complexity of the issue. Or of the challenges facing recycled plastics.

This Thursday, 2nd April, at 14:00, join Unilever’s Alison Cummins, Anatune’s Jamie Minaeian and Phine Banks as they talk about some of the pioneering work being done to improve our ability to make single use plastics a thing of the past.

Using SIFT-MS in conjunction with GC/Q-TOF and Principal Component Analysis (PCA), they’re providing some much needed insight into malodours in recycled plastics.

It’s free to attend and should last around an hour. Click here to register and get more detail on the subjects that’ll be covered, or CONTACT US for more info. We look forward to seeing you then.