Ray’s Round-Up

Martin Perkins

8th April 2011

Ray's Round-Up

A round-up of recent interesting odds and ends.

Chromatography Sample Prep & Automation:

  1. Andreas Hoffmann on an alternative to Simultaneous Distillation and Extraction.
  2. GERSTEL USA has something to tell about the Gulf oil spil.
  3. Kim Gambol what works on a Pal works brilliantly on an MPS
  4. Dr. Krishnat Naikwadi the advantages of nano stationary phase columns
  5. Bioms report that deuterated standards can behave differently from analytes.
  6. Teledyne Tekmar add social media tools to their website.
  7. Marc Hamel presents SPE for “less than pure” water samples

Your comments are welcome on any of this.

If you come across anything worth sharing, please send me the details for inclusion in my next round-up.