Thermal Desorption Unit – TDU2

The Thermal Desorption Unit (TDU 2) is a flexible automated solution for thermal desorption and thermal extraction.

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The world’s most flexible Thermal Desorption Instrument. The Thermal Desorption Unit (TDU 2) is a flexible automated solution for thermal desorption and thermal extraction. The TDU 2 fits on top of any modern GC without the need for additional bench space and it is perfectly suited for the analysis of gaseous, liquid and solid samples. The TDU 2 incorporates the latest advances in thermal desorption technology. The TDU 2 is connected directly to the GERSTEL Cooled Injection System (CIS), which serves both as a cryo-focusing trap and as a temperature programmable GC inlet.

The Thermal Desorption Unit TDU 2 can be operated in split or true splitless mode enabling it to cover the widest range of concentrations, to protect the column from water and contamination and to achieve the lowest possible detection limits. The TDU 2 low-flow split pneumatics provide improved flexibility and performance. For extreme sensitivity, the multi-desorption mode can be selected in MAESTRO. 

Several techniques are supported by the TDU: 

  • Stir Bar Sorptive Extraction (SBSE) using the GERSTEL Twister® 
  • Dynamic Headspace (DHS) based on standard headspace vials 
  • DHS Large based on sample containers up to 1 L volume 
  • Thermal desorption of adsorbent tubes used for air sampling 
  • Thermal extraction of solid samples placed in fritted TDU tubes 
  • Thermal extraction of liquids placed in µ-vials inside the TDU 2 
  • Direct introduction and thermal extraction of liquids such as standards 
  • Automated Pyrolysis of liquid and solid samples using the PYRO module 

The TDU 2 supports manual operation and it can be removed in seconds to enable direct liquid sample introduction into the GERSTEL Cooled Injection System (CIS), a PTV-type universal GC inlet. The system can easily be scaled up by using up to three TDU trays per tray holder. The number of tray holders depends on size and configuration of the MPSThe MAESTRO software combined with the Agilent ChemStation controls the complete process from sample introduction through thermal desorption to GC/MS analysis with one method and one sequence table ensuring efficient and error-free operation. 

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  • Intelligently designed and based on a “Liner-in-Liner” concept it has no valves or transfer lines. 
  • Active sites are eliminated, reducing the risk of analyte loss, discrimination and memory effects to an absolute minimum. 
  • When configured with the GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler (MPS), up to 40 samples are stored per TDU tray in individually sealed sample positions. 
  • Samples can be analysed in one automated sequence using one or more methods.