Thermal Desorption System (TDS)

GERSTEL is the leader in analytical thermal desorption techniques. 

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GERSTEL is the leader in analytical thermal desorption techniques.  The GERSTEL Thermal Desorption System provides a full range of systems and accessories to allow determination of a full range of compound classes in a wide variety of matrices.  Thermal desorption tubes are heated fully and directly, from the sorbent/sample area all the way to the end of the tube, ensuring complete transfer from the thermal desorption tube to the focusing trap with no carryover.

  • Platform Approach: provides more options for sample introduction and automation than any other system
  • Rugged and Reliable: No valves or long transfer lines to foul up or replace
  • No Carryover: Direct interface eliminates carry over issues found when using valves and transfer lines
  • Easy method development: GERSTEL’s CIS based trap does not require different trapping materials for different compound classes
  • Compatibility with ISO, ASTM, and other standard methods used in material emissions and other industries
  • Optional 21 CFR part 11 Compliance
  • Ability to trap almost everything without the need for chemical adsorbents helping you to eliminate doubt, discover the unknown compounds that are key to solving your critical challenges