Voice200ultra Real Time

The Voice200ultra SIFT-MS instrument provides the flexible platform on which many customers build their applications.

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Selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry (SIFT-MS) is a robust analytical technique that addresses the limitations of GC/MS by quantifying VOCs and SVOCs in real time, with low part-per-trillion detection limits (by volume; pptv), and very wide linear and dynamic ranges.

The Syft Technologies SIFT-MS Voice200ultra instrument provides the flexible platform on which so many customers build their applications.

With many sample delivery options, high sensitivity and high selectivity, the Syft Technologies SIFT-MS Voice200ultra RT is the class-leading solution for real-time volatile compound analysis.

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  • Precision analytical mass spectrometry instrument
  • Instantaneous quantitation of VOCs and inorganic gases using a fully integrated, extensive chemical ionization library
  • Real-time air analysis to low parts-per-trillion by volume (pptV)
  • Analysis of whole-air and headspace samples in seconds
  • Ease of operation with push-button simplicity and no sample preparation
  • Designed and engineered for use in commercial, industrial and research environments.
  • Watch the Real Time Breath Analysis Using SIFT MS  video here