Simple and effective analyte extraction and concentration using automated Solid Phase Microextraction

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SPME is especially useful in the food, flavour and beverage industries and for environmental monitoring. GERSTEL is a leading provider of SPME automation. Our systems are optimized for performance and throughput in every step of the SPME process.


Sample agitation with stir bars accelerates the extraction process and improves throughput. Mechanical fibre stress is reduced, leading to longer fibre life expectancy and improved instrument up-time.


The Cooled Injection System (CIS) is a PTV-type GC inlet, perfectly suited for SPME analysis. The narrow-bore inlet liner ensures highly efficient analyte transfer to the GC/MS for best possible detection limits and separation efficiency. The patented Septum-Less Head (SLH) greatly reduces mechanical stress on the SPME fibre, extending its life expectancy.

Multi-Fiber Exchange (MFX) flexibility

The GERSTEL Multi Fiber Exchanger MFX is a unique automated fibre exchange option for the GERSTEL MPS. Using MFX, automated SPME analysis of a sample can now be performed using fibres with different polarity, covering a wide range of analytes and extracting the maximum amount of information.

On-Fiber Derivatization

Using the MPS, a derivatization reagent can be added to the fibre prior to or following the extraction step. These tasks are simply selected by mouse-click in the MAESTRO software.


Automated conditioning in the CIS or in the MPS bake-out station ensures that the fibre is always clean and ready for the next sample. Well-conditioned SPME fibres provide best possible analysis results and best limits of detection.

Efficient integrated control software

MAESTRO software supports a wide range of techniques including SPME. Samples are prepared just in time in parallel to the GC/MS run.

Visibility and overview

The MAESTRO Scheduler provides a graphical overview of SPME steps and the total analysis time for the entire batch of samples, making it easy to plan your laboratory work.

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  • Up to 128 samples placed in standard Headspace vials can be analysed in one batch.
  • Samples can be heated or cooled during storage and extraction, which is highly useful, for example, for fresh food samples.
  • GERSTEL Maestro PrepAhead function optimizes productivity and throughput
  • One method and one sequence table runs the complete system from SPME to GC/MS analysis.
  • Remote viewing software enables more efficient support by the GERSTEL hot line.

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