Sigma Centrifuge

The Sigma Centrifuge is fully compatible with the Gerstel MPS and is capable of up 4.47G

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The Sigma Centrifuge 4-5KRL features impressively low non-productive process times.

For example, lid opening and closing takes less than 2 seconds, and the rotor indexing time is just 8 seconds. Combined with the innovative bucket leveling function for precise positioning of the buckets, this enables quick loading and unloading of the centrifuge, helping to boost throughput.

Coupled with the Gerstel Multipurpose sampler automated centrifugation is possible for large volumes (20 mL) with the Sigma Centrifuge.

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  • Fully automated with Gerstel MPS
  • 6 position centrifuge
  • Temperature setting range: -10 °C to +40 °C
  • Speed range up to 4,700 rpm
  •  Maximum RCF 4,470 x g