Pyrolysis System

The GERSTEL Pyrolysis system enables highly flexible and efficient automated pyrolysis of solids and liquids at up to 1000 °C combined with determination of the thermal decomposition products using GC/MS.

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The GERSTEL PYRO automated pyrolysis system enables highly flexible and efficient automated pyrolysis of solids and liquids at up to 1000°C. If required, thermal desorption and pyrolysis of the same sample can be performed in sequence, enabling the cleanest possible program and the maximum amount of information in the shortest possible time.

Efficient and accurate analysis

Up to 196 samples can be pyrolyzed automatically in one batch. With just one method and one sequence table the analyst can set up the complete system including thermal desorption, pyrolysis, and GC/MS analysis. The Pyrolyzer is very easy to operate: The sample is placed in a sample holder, which is mounted onto the TDU pyrolysis transport adapter and placed in the MultiPurpose Sampler PYRO tray. The sample is then automatically inserted into the TDU Pyrolyzer. Pyrolysis break-down products are transferred directly to the GC column in split mode or refocused in the GERSTEL Cooled Injection System CIS before being introduced as a narrow band onto the GC column for separation. The GERSTEL PYRO automated pyrolysis system can also be used for manual operation with the TDU as needed.

Wide pyrolysis temperature range

PYRO performs standard pulsed pyrolysis at temperatures from 350 °C to 1000 ° C. The temperature can be varied from sample to sample to analyse different kinds of samples in one batch; to perform sequential pyrolysis on multiple identical samples in series; or to perform fractionated pyrolysis on a single sample. In addition to pulsed pyrolysis, programmed heating can be specified at rates ranging from 0.02 to 100 °C/s.  A thermal desorption step can be performed in the temperature range from ambient to 350 °C prior to pyrolysis to purge VOCs from the sample or for solvent venting.

Split interface and cryo trap

Pyrolysis breakdown products are transferred to the GC/MS system using the GERSTEL Cooled Injection System (CIS) PTV-type inlet. The CIS can be used either simply as a heated split interface or as an intermediate cryofocusing trap for trace analytes.

Low sample-to-sample carry-over

The valve-free liner-in-liner concept eliminates sample-to-sample carry-over and the TDU and CIS liners are heated over their entire lengths ensuring best possible recovery. Non-volatile residue is caught in the CIS liner. From there it can easily be removed after a user-defined number of analyses together with the disposable liner.

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  • Multiple pyrolysis techniques available
    • Pulsed pyrolysis
    • Sequential pyrolysis
    • Fractionated pyrolysis
    • Thermal desorption with solvent venting and pyrolysis of the same sample
    • Split- or splitless operation
    • Selectable cryo trapping
  • Efficient and reliable automation
  • Dedicated optimized sample holders for liquid and solid samples
  • Flexible and proven resistance heating using Pt filament provides selectable pyrolysis temperature from 350 – 1000 °C
  • Liner in liner system / No valve in sample flow path
  • Flexible modular system
  • Integrated MAESTRO software control

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