Online SPE system with replaceable SPE cartridges: The best of all worlds.

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Online SPE system with replaceable SPE cartridges: The best of all worlds. GERSTEL SPExos expands your sample preparation portfolio with online SPE. Compared with standard SPE, SPExos relies on much smaller cartridges with only 50 mg of sorbent, enabling a significant miniaturisation of the entire process. Much smaller sample amounts are needed to reach required detection limits and much less solvent is needed for analyte elution reducing cost, simplifying logistics, and increasing method sensitivity.

The SPE system is completely integrated into the LC-MS/MS setup and the eluate transferred 100 % to the LC column for best possible recovery and limits of detection. The GERSTEL SPExos is inserted into the overall LC-MS/MS system between the GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler (MPS) and the HPLC system. Online SPE can be combined with sample preparation steps performed by the MPS, including addition of standards, dilution, derivatization, and more. Following the MPS sample preparation steps, the sample is introduced to the SPExos system. At the end of the SPE process, analytes are eluted by the HPLC mobile phase and transferred directly to the LC column for maximum recovery.

The complete system including MPS and SPExos is intuitively controlled by mouse click through the GERSTEL MAESTRO Software, integrated with the LC-MS/MS sequence table or independently in standalone operation. The PrepAhead function enables multi-sample overlapping of sample preparation and LC-MS/MS analysis, ensuring optimal system utilization and best possible Return on Investment (ROI).

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  • User Selectable Cartridge exchange
  • Reliable results through elimination of sample-to-sample carry-over since cartridges are replaced at regular intervals.
  • Cost savings through multiple use of cartridges when analysing relatively clean samples
  • Sealed extraction system
  • No evaporation of solvents or ingress of impurities from laboratory air
  • Improved laboratory air, less solvent needed, reliable results
  • Cartridge inserted into the LC mobile phase for elution
  • Best possible analyte transfer to the analysis system, highest analyte recovery
  • 100% Analyte transfer to the LC-MS/MS
  • Simplified laboratory logistics, less sample and less solvent needed
  • Reliable results even when less sample is available
  • Lowest limits of detection, no further concentration steps needed
  • Small cartridges / small sorbent volume
  • Best possible LC separation based on small elution volume
  • High sensitivity and high concentration factor even when small sample volumes are used
  • Easily adapted for multiple analysis methods
  • Flexible and simple adaptation through simple valve switching
  • Flexible sample preparation in combination with MPS Sample Preparation Technologies
  • Time savings and elimination of manual steps through comprehensive automation
  • Highly flexible operation since all standard SPE sorbents are available
  • Control through GERSTEL MAESTRO Software
  • Error elimination through uniform and intuitive user interface for the complete sample preparation process
  • Best possible system utilization with PrepAhead synchronization of Sample Prep and analysis

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