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12th November 2021

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automated, solid, phase, extraction, analysis,

GERSTEL Automated Solid Phase Extraction (SPE)


Performing Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) manually can be time consuming and nerve-racking, especially when recovery and reproducibility are lacking due to sample variability. If Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) can be reliably automated, it becomes a much more efficient and reproducible process.

Fortunately for our customers, Anatune offers automated integrated SPE solutions for GC/MS and LC/MS as well as stand-alone WorkStations via GERSTEL’s industry-leading instrumentation.

GERSTEL automated Solid Phase Extraction – SPE – enables automated sample preparation and analysis even for complex samples. Samples are prepared in a simple and safe manner combining accurate results with high throughput.

Following the SPE clean-up steps, the GERSTEL MPS can introduce the sample extract directly to an LC/MS or GC/MS system for analysis. As an alternative, the MPS WorkStation is used as a stand-alone sample preparation robot, preparing samples for multiple LC/MS or GC/MS systems in your laboratory.

Automated SPE from GERSTEL is based on standard dimension 1 mL, 3 mL, and 6 mL cartridges. SPE can be combined with other sample preparation steps, such as adding a standard, derivatizing, or evaporating solvent from the eluate for improved limits of detection and system stability. Automating your manual SPE method is easy. Your SPE method steps can be transferred directly to the GERSTEL SPE method; setup in the MAESTRO software is intuitive, simple and fast.


Key benefits of GERSTEL SPE automation:

  • Improved recovery, precision and reproducibility with reliable positive displacement liquid delivery
  • Maximized sample throughput: SPE is performed during analysis of the preceding sample
  • Accurate results: All samples are prepared using the exact same timing. Integrated systems even prepare each sample just in time for the GC/MS or LC/MS analysis using the PrepAhead function.
  • More than 50 percent time saving for overall analysis, compared to manual processing
  • Direct transfer of existing manual SPE methods
  • Automated, optimal conditioning, extraction and elution
  • Defined and reproducible sample preparation duration and controlled flow rates
  • Eluate concentration with mVAP and change of solvent
  • Integrated with GC/MS- or LC/MS sample introduction
  • Independent WorkStation operation
  • Can be combined with all automated sample preparation techniques on the MPS.


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automated, solid, phase, extraction, analysis,

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