PRODUCT FOCUS: Agilent 6470B Triple Quadrupole LC/MS


10th June 2022

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agilent, 6470B, triple, quadropole, lc/ms, lc/ms/ms, lc, ms,

Reliability, performance and versatility is of utmost important for the vast majority of modern laboratories. Therefore, this edition of PRODUCT FOCUS takes an in-depth look at the Agilent 6470B Triple Quadrupole LC/MS, an instrument which delivers reliable performance and high versatility for commercial, life sciences research, and regulatory applications.

Through a large choice of ion sources, with the 6470B, your lab can confidently tackle any LC/MS analysis requested of it. With best-in-class sensitivity, precision, and scan speed, you can afford to use less or diluted sample amounts and still be highly confident in the accuracy of your results.

The 6470B Triple Quadrupole LC-MS instrument employs multiple technological advantages like the Agilent Jet Stream ion source, curved geometry collision cell, and ±20 kV high-energy dynode. These innovations enable you to maximize ionization, minimize instrument downtime, and reach extremely low limits of detection, while achieving wide linear dynamic range.

With the addition of VacShield enhancing the system’s proven robustness and reliability, your lab will spend less time on maintenance and gain more uninterrupted productivity.


Benefits & Features of the Agilent 6470B Triple Quadrupole LC-MS


  • Reduced maintenance time with VacShield technology allows you to carry out ion injector capillary maintenance without venting
  • Maximized ion formation reaches detection limits up to the sub-femtogram level with Agilent Jet Stream (AJS) source
  • Tackle any type of LC/MS analysis (AJS, ESI, APCI, and MMI) via multiple versatile and easy-to-configure ion sources
  • Analyse ions of various classes and sizes (small molecules to multiply charged peptides) due to wide mass range
  • Screen, confirm, and quantify with triggered MRM (tMRM), which combines fast and sensitive MRM quantitation with the generation of a product ion spectrum for library searching and compound screening and confirmation
  • Ensure the security of your data, control access, and facilitate compliance as defined by US FDA 21 CFR Part 11, EU Annex 11 and similar national electronic record regulations thanks to built-in technical controls combined with procedural controls.


agilent, 6470B, triple, quadropole, lc/ms, lc/ms/ms, lc, ms,


Powerful quantitation for any analysis

The 6470 triple quadrupole LC/MS system is a reliable and sensitive LC/MS/MS for chemical analysis, allowing you to cover any type of application or analysis workflow. From testing nitrosamines in pharmaceuticals, glyphosate in wines, pesticides & veterinary drugs in food, or exploring metabolic pathways, you will find an application note resource or workflow solution to help guide your experiments.


Testing for the forever compounds

Perfluoro- and polyfluoro-alkyl substances (PFAS/PFOA) are known for their ubiquity in the environment due to their widespread use for a variety of household, commercial, and industrial applications. PFOA and PFAS testing requires a robust and reliable LC/MS/MS to produce sensitive, yet reproducible analysis results. This is where the 6470B excels.


Robust Pharmaceutical Impurity Testing

Nitrosamines are a group of genotoxic pharmaceutical impurities whose effects can be detrimental to human health. As a result, regulatory agencies have set strict guidelines for the presence of nitrosamines in pharmaceuticals. With the 6470 LC/TQ, you are able to meet challenging manufacturing and QC demands.


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