On-Line Sample Preparation for GC-MS Workshops

Martin Perkins

4th December 2014

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Anatune AutoPrep GC-QQQ solution for micro-pollutants in water

If you are a GC-MS user in a routine lab, you may well need to:

·         Run more samples

·         Obtain more consistent quality data

·         Use much less effort

You may well need to do all of this.

If so, then automation of your sample preparation process is something to give serious consideration to. Potentially, every one of your samples is processed exactly the same way and so your lab produces high quality data, 24 hours a day, without your staff having to be there the whole time.

The question is where to start?

Off-line solutions exist, but they can be very expensive.  Prices are generally upwards of one hundred thousand pounds and that is just for the robotic workbench alone. There is no integration with the GC-MS, so you will still have to manually transfer sample to the autosampler of the GC-MS, so full end-to-end 24/7 operation is not possible.

Anatune specialises in on-line sample preparation for GC-MS, where you end-up with a seamless process that needs no operator intervention between loading the sample and processing the results.

We now call these solutions AutoPrep Systems.

Compare Anatune AutoPrep solutions with off-line automation and you will see that you win two ways – a much lower capital cost, plus less work and reduced costs for every sample you run.

In the New Year, Anatune is running a series of one-day Workshops as an introduction to on-line sample preparation automation, using our AutoPrep GC-MS technology and perhaps you would like to put the dates into your diary in good time.

The workshops will cover the automation of sample preparation for both volatile and semi-volatile organics.

The dates to note are March 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th. The cost is £40 which is inclusive of all refreshments, lunch and course material.

Our Workshops are usually fully subscribed, so if you want to attend, please call us on +44 (0)1223 279210 or email enquiries@anatune.co.uk.