Negative Ion SIFT-MS: When The World Zags, Zig

Martin Perkins

3rd February 2020

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In this Vlog, Mark Perkins introduces his latest work on Speciation of Dichloromethane and Chloroform Using Negative Ion SIFT-MS.

Organochlorine compounds, along with other VOCs such as the BTEX group of compounds (benzene, toluene and the xylenes) continue to be significant contaminants in air, soil and water. Various techniques have been employed to analyse the compounds, the most common being purge and trap followed by GC analysis. But these techniques are generally slow, and having to remove water from the matrix before injection adds further complications.

Using Negative Ion SIFT-MS makes it possible to directly speciate dichloromethane and chloroform, in real-time. This will enable you to offer straightforward, fast analysis of these two important compounds without compromising other compounds in the VOC.

Mark Perkins_negative, ion, SIFT-MS

Mark Perkins, Senior Applications Chemist, Anatune.

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