My Jump from University Paris-Sud to Anatune

Anna Perkins

22nd January 2015

Anais Maury, Cambridge, Instrument Top Sample Preparation, ITSP, Paris-Sud University, staff, team,

Kings College, Cambridge

If you think about it, what could be the best place for a new graduate to start his or her career? I would say a company that helps to develop our skills (scientific skills, in my situation, and other professional skills as well).

So, guess what? I think I have found mine, and here it is:  I have been working at Anatune for almost two years now. Time flies!

How do I feel about that?  I can definitely say that I am blossoming, in all the aspects of working in this company.

Here at Anatune, I handle different projects, using different techniques. A wide range of new techniques that I am lucky to have available.

To mention one example:  ITSP (Instrument Top Sample Preparation), this is a small-scale SPE using a 30 mg bed mass cartridge. This technique can be automated, it uses less solvent and a smaller volume of sample is needed. I didn’t know this technique before starting at Anatune! A link to my very first application note using this technique, can be found here.

Being part of Anatune also means being surrounded by people with years of experience and patience. We all know each other and every time I have doubts, I know that I can ask anyone and they will take some of their time to enlighten me. I am the youngest here, but I totally feel part of this knowledgeable team.

You may know that I left Paris to come here, thanks to David Benanou of Veolia Environment, who is both a good friend of my colleagues at Anatune, and was also my tutor at University.

“Why??” some people would say (indeed, I do miss cheese and baguettes). But, have you ever visited Cambridge? It is a lovely city! Maybe you could sign up for one of our next workshops to come and check it for yourself.

So voila! Here is, in short, how I feel and where I am now. From University to this company, I guess I just grew up.