My Blog Initiation

Martin Perkins

27th May 2010

CentrifugeSo this is my first Anatune blog entry and actually my first ever blog entry too, nothing like being thrown in at the deep end… so here goes…

I’ve been working on a few things this week;

Firstly I have been working on a method to extract PAH’s from soil. It’s a fairly crude method using a solvent shake, with some copper and sodium sulphate, and then a centrifugation. Really I’m trying to show the potential of the Anatune CF100 centrifuge to automate what some of our existing customers are alreday doing manually.

I have also installed and completed the checkout of a DryVap unit in the lab, Andy my colleague has a demo coming up for some customers who want to look at PAH extraction from waters specifically those with a high suspended particulate matter (SPM). We plan to use the Horizon SPE-DEX for the extaction, and it would be nice to be able to automate the whole process in house including any evaporation steps.

The vitamin D work is on hold until the begining of June. I’m waiting for Agilent to come in to fit the turbo pump upgrade and install the multi mode ionisation source to enable me to get on with this application. In the meantime I can prep the C8 cartridges necessary for the extraction stage.