How Would Your Lab Spend 20 Extra Days Per Year?

Martin Perkins

19th January 2018

Alan Lockley, Breakdown, LEGO, Repairs, Service, Support, Support Manager,

With the Christmas tree back in the loft and the inevitable need for an extra belt hole, Christmas has sadly ended.  Here at Anatune we thought it a good time to review our service performance for 2017.

Now we aren’t about to bore you with pages of data (which quite frankly, we don’t want to read either), but we did spot a few interesting metrics that we thought worth sharing.

  1. Throughout 2017 our average breakdown response time (from logging your call, to having an engineer onsite) was 26.9 hrs.
  2. The average repair time for breakdowns was 2.6 hrs.
  3. And finally, the average number of site visits it took us to complete a repair was 1.1.

We are rather proud of these numbers. Put together and in context, the data shows that from logging an instrument breakdown it takes us just over 29 hours to get you back up and running again.

Just about all of Anatune’s staff have come from laboratory backgrounds, so we all appreciate the significance of this.  One thing we all remember from our time doing a job like yours was the frustration of failing to get an engineer onsite quickly. It almost always took more than two days, and in 2017, on average, we beat this benchmark by nearly a whole day.

Which brings me to the point of the headline.

If we say that a typical laboratory has about ten instruments, and that each instrument fails twice a year on average, this quality of response could give you twenty extra days of instrument up-time per year.  That’s a lot of extra samples you can get through!

Which got us thinking, what would you do with twenty extra days per year? Finally validate that method? Sit on the beach? Sit in the pub? We’d love to hear your ideas.  The best idea, be it the funniest, most original or the most useful wins one of our coveted Automated GC-MS models.

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