Introducing Camilla Liscio to the Element Team

Martin Perkins

12th January 2016

Applications Laboratory, Camilla Liscio, Susan Roach, team,

Our newest recruit of 2016, we would like to welcome you to Camilla Liscio, who has joined our applications team as an Applications Chemist.

Camilla completed her master degree in Chemistry at the University of Genoa, Italy, in 2005 and then obtained her PhD in Analytical Chemistry in 2009 when she started to develop her expertise in hyphenated techniques using a variety of separation techniques for the study of environmental and biological samples.  Camilla also worked with different sample preparation techniques (e.g. SLE and LLE extraction, SPE, SBSE, derivatisation) and learnt to optimize the measurement procedure starting from the manipulation of the sample to the final instrumental analysis.

After her PhD, Camilla spent two years at the University of Sussex as Marie Curie postdoctoral fellow where she worked on a project for the detection and identification of endocrine disrupting contaminants in European rivers, using a combination of grab sampling and passive sampling techniques.

Completing her postdoctoral experience, Camilla worked for three years as Researcher at LGC, UK’s Designated National Metrology Institute for chemical and bio-measurement in the Measurement Research team.  As part of LGC’s role as designated NMI, Camilla worked on a number of projects requiring the development and validation of a high calibre Reference Measurement Procedures to achieve high quality traceable and accurate data.

Camilla looks forward to sharing her scientific experience with you, to achieve together high quality analytical results.